Friendship Betrayed

By Avant Bard (other events)

26 Dates Through Oct 11, 2015

Friendship Betrayed is a comic masterpiece by Spanish playwright María de Zayas y Sotomayor about what happens to women’s friendships in the pursuit of men. It’s like a 17-century “Sex and the City” that could have been written yesterday: Marcia lusts after Liseo, but so does Laura. Belisa’s into Don Juan, but he’s smitten with Fenisa. Liseo’s hot for Fenisa, and Fenisa loves only love.

Director Kari Ginsburg sets Friendship Betrayed in the Roaring Twenties—a time when women had just won the vote and were giving their new-found sexual freedom a spin. Avant Bard will present this classic gem concurrently with the Women’s Voices Theatre Festival as a blast from the past by a playwright who was way ahead of her time.

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